Basic Income Canada Network is a unique national organization dedicated to ensuring everyone can meet basic needs and live with dignity.

At BICN we are thrilled by the success of the BIG Forum held in May in Ottawa and the positive energy people told us it generated.

As Forum co-lead, we found it truly inspiring to connect with 334 people from across the country and beyond and from diverse organizations, 223 in person and 111 virtually!!. Missed it? Go to the Forum website to learn about it and to access session recordings and other material that will be made available through the summer.


By adding your name, you help make our message stronger. Each signature helps to build momentum and places basic income on the radar of politicians, the media and fellow Canadians.

See the french video here. Join us to make Basic Income a call that cannot be ignored this election.

It’s time for a basic income


A better, fairer Canada that works for everyone. A future where people can meet their basic needs and live with dignity.

It’s what we all want. And I truly believe it’s within our reach, with your help. We’ve seen how quickly people can turn their life around for the better when a basic income is introduced.

What Is Basic Income?

A basic income guarantee could completely change the way you make decisions and live your life.


Basic income movements are happening on local, provincial/territorial, national and international levels.


We’ve developed resources to support informed action by all Canadians.

Groundbreaking report shows how Canada could fund a basic income

As the need for basic income grows, we are often asked how Canada could best design and pay for it. To answer that, we asked a team to model some fair, effective and feasible options. Our report, Basic Income: Some Policy Options for Canada does just that.

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what we stand for

We want a basic income implemented in Canada, one that is grounded in principles of universality, adequacy, non-conditionality, autonomy, dignity, and economic and gender equality, and that works in synergy with public services. We stand with people in Canada calling on their governments to make basic income a reality.