Get Involved


The basic income movement is a large interconnected network of amazing people involved in many ways. Here are some suggestions on how to get involved. But we encourage creativity!

  • Write, call, visit politicians, candidates for office, or community leaders. (For organizations, you may wish to focus on heads of parties or ministers.) They respond to their local constituents. Provide information, be helpful and tell them you plan to vote for people who support basic income.
  • Work inside the political party of your choice or even run for office yourself.
  • Sign petitions from trusted sources. BICN frequently amplifies some of these through our newsletter or on our website.  
  • Write letters to the editor, opinion pieces or engage in the conversation on social media.
  • Join a provincial, territorial and/ or local group near you. They are often where direct activism and advocacy take place. Find a group near you. If you’re interested in U.S. or international activity, visit U.S. Basic Income Guarantee (USBIG) and Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).
  • Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours about basic income. You’ll be surprised by the amount of support you’ll receive simply by asking. 
  • Attend an event. Organizations across the country host both virtual and in-person events. 
  • If you’re a student or a teacher, build basic income discussion and research into your classes. 
  • Use whatever talents you have and get involved by participating in essay contests, musical performances, photography exhibits, film festivals, and more.