Universal Basic Income would help seniors make ends meet — North Island-Powell River MP

Campbell River Mirror

To North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney, a solution to helping seniors meet their needs would be to set up a federal Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (GLBI) program.

Blaney wrote a letter to incoming Minister for Seniors and Labour Seamus O’Regan, asking him to take steps to ensure seniors are able to meet their needs. One of those steps would be to set up GLBI, which would also provide a basic income to all Canadians.

“Another policy change your government could make that would immediately raise the bar of dignity for Canadian seniors is to create a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income (GLBI),” Blaney wrote in her letter to O’Regan. “Research tells us that implementing a GLBI is a cost-saving measure. For example, it saves money on healthcare and crime rates go down. Looking after people is good economics. We saw this clearly with the pandemic financial supports in 2020 and 2021.”

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