‘It helps with my stress’: US basic income project shows signs of success

The Guardian

La-Kingya Singleton almost didn’t answer the call. It was after 5pm and from an 800- phone number. “I thought it was a robocall,” she said.

But it wasn’t. It was someone from the In Her Hands initiative – the largest guaranteed-income pilot program in the southern US, and which focuses on Black women. The caller told her she had been selected, by lottery, as one of 650 women to receive an average of $850 a month, for two years, no strings attached – a concept known as guaranteed income.

“I never thought in a million years I would be selected,” the 42-year-old Atlanta mother of three adult children recalled. “I’ve never been lucky.”

That was last spring. Now the program – run by the Atlanta-based non-profit organization the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund (GRO Fund), in partnership with GiveDirectly, the largest backer of guaranteed-income projects in the US – has reached its halfway point.

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