Niagara Falls council wants research done on basic income program

Newstalk 610

Niagara Falls city council wants the federal and provincial government to look into the concept of a basic income.

Council agreed to motion from Councillor Lori Lococo this week that will have them send a letter to both levels of government asking them to research the program.

Councillor Mona Patel voiced opposition to the idea, “The concept might sound good on the paper but it is not realistic and Canada cannot afford this concept so I am completely against that.”

In response, Councillor Wayne Campbell says it wouldn’t be a new expense, “the money is already being spent, what we need to do is have the federal and provincial governments look at a different way of spending it to help those in need.”

A basic income project in Ontario was cut short in 2019 while Quebec launched a pilot earlier this year.

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