Like other Canadians, Winnipeggers say they’re feeling the crunch as cost of living rises

CBC News

More Canadians feel they’re in dire financial shape as the cost of living keeps rising, a new poll suggests — and people in Winnipeg say they’re feeling that squeeze.

Angus Reid Institute survey results released Thursday say 28 per cent of Canadians are barely keeping their head above water or are in an even worse situation when it comes to their finances. That figure has climbed 10 points since a similar survey in July 2020, the poll says.

More than half of respondents — 55 per cent — said while they’re in good shape now, they’re worried about the future.

The online survey was conducted July 18-20. That week, Statistics Canada data revealed Canada’s inflation rate for June was 8.1 per cent compared to a year earlier — the fastest annual increase since 1983.

Three-quarters of of respondents told Angus Reid they feel it’s a bad time for major spending, like buying a home or car, doing renovation or taking a big vacation.

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