‘Great deal’ of support in both houses for P.E.I. basic income pilot, says Senator


Carlie Howell has been a musician for 20 years.

She’s done it all – teaching, recording, performing, composing.

But, while she recognizes that others are less fortunate, she says a decent standard of living can seem out of reach for artists like herself.

It’s one reason Howell showed up to a small meeting of the P.E.I. Working Group for a Livable Income at Leonhard’s Café on July 25.

“This basic, livable income would radically change my life. I am, like, living under the poverty line, working at all the things that I do, all the time,” Howell said.

“The folks who are living on the margins need this – absolutely! And then there’s also folks who don’t look like they’re living on the margins and still are.”

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