Yukoners lobby for basic income at Whitehorse Healing Totem


On Sept. 15, the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition hosted a Basic Income Now Rally at the Healing Totem on Front Street.

Speaker Kerry Nolan encouraged the crowd of over 40 people to begin a dialogue exploring what a basic income could look like.

“Right now, what we are here to do is get the conversation started,” said Nolan.

A basic income would allow everyone an equal platform so “there’s no need for people to feel disrespected or not a part of a society.”

“When you have to go to an assistance program and ask for money, nobody likes to ask for things, it’s really hard on people,” said Nolan.

“The way the systems are set up right now is you have to prove it. It’s degrading and it’s intrusive. If we went to something like basic income they’d feel respected because their needs for an everyday basic life are met.”

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