What role could a UBI play in ensuring nutritious, and sustainable diets for all?


You are invited to join the launch of UBI Lab Food, the 40th lab of the UBI Lab Network, a virtual event to be held Thursday 12 May 2022 at 13:00-1400 BST.

The launch event will be an opportunity to engage in a rich discussion about the potential role of a Universal Basic Income in ensuring people’s nutrition security, and shape equitable, sustainable food systems.

The event will start with a panel discussion where each panelist will bring a different perspective to the table.

This will be followed by a presentation of ideas for the Lab, a Q&A, and a discussion among all attendees. The organizers would love to hear your thoughts on what the Lab could mean for progressing the conversation on, and our understanding of, UBI and food.

This event will be chaired by Dan Crossley of the NGO Food Ethics Council, UK.

To learn more and register click here.