What is basic income, and how would it impact me?

CTV News

Parliamentarians are considering a pair of bills aiming to lift people out of poverty through a basic income program, but some fear these types of systems could result in more taxes for Canadians who are already financially struggling.

Sen. Kim Pate and NDP MP Leah Gazan introduced bills S-233 and C-223, respectively, in a bid to create the first national framework to provide all people over age 17 across Canada, including temporary workers, permanent residents and refugee claimants, a guaranteed livable basic income. The bills contain the same proposal.

Pate said they created two bills with the same text to increase the chances of having at least one of them passed by the Senate or House of Commons.

“MP Leah Gazan and I wanted to provide the opportunity for both Chambers to study the bill simultaneously,” the senator said in an email to CTVNews.ca.

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