Waterloo councillor wants city to support call for national basic income program

CBC News

Waterloo Coun. Jen Vasic says there’s growing income inequality in the city that’s impacting the community as a whole and a guaranteed livable basic income program would help address the issue.

It’s why Vasic is bringing forward a notice of motion to Monday’s city council meeting on the issue. The motion, which will be discussed by councillors on Sept. 18, would be a show of support from the city for a national guaranteed livable basic income program and it would request the federal and provincial governments to work to establish that program.

“It benefits not only the individuals who receive a guaranteed livable basic income but the rest of us,” Vasic told CBC News, adding helping people by giving them enough money to live would have “ripple effects for communities.”

“These folks will have more time to spend in the community and supporting community members, more time to spend with their family and greater flexibility to pursue employment because many folks are working two to three jobs just to get by.”

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