Universal basic income among policies to be debated at Liberal policy convention

Globe and Mail

The federal Liberals are poised to debate a wide range of policy ideas, including proposals for universal basic income and national standards for long-term care, at a convention this week that will lay out direction for the party ahead of a possible federal election.

The convention is taking place at a critical moment for the Liberals, who are preparing for the prospect of a forthcoming campaign less than two years into their minority mandate. 

The Trudeau government is also in the midst of grappling with challenges including a third wave of COVID-19, questions about the speed of inoculations and plans to boost the economy now in a recession. The Liberals maintain they do not want an election and are focused on their pandemic response.

Due to the pandemic, the convention is being conducted entirely online. It will take place from Thursday until Saturday and will include a range of speakers, including former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney on Friday.

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