U of M group advocates for livable basic income

The Manitoban

The cost-of-living crisis and systemic barriers are causing increased financial strain for many, including university students. Now, one group of U of M staff and students is examining the issue of poverty and advocating for systemic change ahead of the provincial election on Oct. 3.

Bare Necessities is a group created by U of M Community Engaged Learning staff and students in partnership with Poverty Awareness and Community Action, a U of M program that raises awareness and offers advocacy workshops for students and the broader Winnipeg community.

The group aims to teach staff and U of M students “how to participate in social advocacy campaigns that may impact elections,” such as the provincial election currently underway. Bare Necessities’ main advocacy goal is to transform Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) into a livable basic needs benefit.

Currently, 146,000 Manitobans live below the poverty line, and those on EIA’s basic needs budget receive $245 monthly.

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