This state just inched closer to giving every resident a $750 universal basic income each year with no strings attached

Business Insider

Oregon voters may soon decide if the Beaver State will be the first in the country to implement a universal basic income program that would put cash in residents’ pockets by taxing corporations.

Advocates of Initiative Petition 17 have said they collected thousands more signatures than required to get the guaranteed income proposal on Oregon’s ballot this fall, according to The Oregonian. The Secretary of State’s office must still certify the signatures before the measure can officially be added to the November ballot. Voters would then approve or reject the initiative.

The Oregon proposal comes as increasing numbers of US cities and counties pilot basic income programs. The programs typically involve a recurring cash payment given to all people within a certain population, and program participants receive the money regardless of their employment. Recipients also have no limitations on how the money can be spent.

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