The Green Resilience Project

The Green Resilience Project is organizing a series of conversations with communities across Canada on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience.

Climate change and income insecurity are two of the most urgent challenges facing Canada today. The Green Resilience Project aims to explore how policies in these areas can support each other to offset public fear and uncertainty, and provide communities with the time, energy and resources they need to build resilience at the local level.

A new opinion piece from Green Resilience Project steering committee members Mitchell Beer and Sheila Regehr makes the case for including basic income in Canada’s climate action plan. 

The piece, published in the Hill Times, explores the link between income security, climate change and community resilience. Income security, it argues, is a necessary foundation for allowing individuals and communities across Canada to take part in the transition to a lower-carbon economy. Without financial security, it’s almost impossible to build or maintain resilience in the face of climate change and to organize local climate action.