Stephen Poloz on how basic income could help offset AI disruptions


The age of artificial intelligence will usher in change that might to best navigated with the help of universal basic income, according to a former governor of the Bank of Canada. 
Stephen Poloz, former head of Canada’s central bank, told BNN Bloomberg in an interview set to air Thursday afternoon that permanent fiscal support for Canadians would help stabilize the economy as it undergoes major technical disruptions.
“Basic income is one of the best automatic stabilizers, or at least something along those lines,” Poloz said in a television interview. 
This week, Poloz was announced as the winner of this year’s National Business Book Award for “The Next Age of Uncertainty: How the World Can Adapt to a Riskier Future.” The book gives Poloz’s assessment of economic forces he sees as poised to shape the coming decades, including the advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence.

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