People get out of poverty faster with a guaranteed livable income says Ontario senator


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Senator Kim Pate is behind a senate bill to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income. It is currently being studied by the Senate’s Committee on National Finance.

Pate told Nation to Nation host Annette Francis that one of the big reasons she introduced Bill S-233 was to start a discussion about what kind of model should be looked at to help people get out of poverty.

“When you provide enough resources, enough for people to live on, people get housed, they get fed, and they get out of poverty faster, they get out of homelessness,” she said.

“When you actually provide money to people who are living in poverty, guess what, they spend it in their communities, they pay rent, they buy food, they clothe themselves, they maybe get stuff for their kids.”

Pate said NDP MP Leah Gazan’s Bill C-233 is basically the same.

“We decided to introduce them both in the House of Commons and at the Senate at the same time, just to try and give it the best chance of going forward. I’m hoping that the Senate will pass it and then the House of Commons will look at it.”

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