Pensioners call for £200-a-week guaranteed income as cost of living crisis deepens

The Sun

Pensioners should be guaranteed a minimum £200-a-week payout as the cost of living crisis grips Britain, campaigners urge tonight.

The Silver Voices group, which spearheaded the fight for over-75s’ free TV licences, wants the Government to set a new floor for the amount OAPs receive as households are engulfed by soaring energy costs, runaway inflation and food price hikes.

A petition it launched on the Government website demands a £200-a-week “minimum pension guarantee” to “be set for all state pensioners, irrespective of gender, marital status or contribution record, to remove anomalies in the pension system, including the growing discrepancy between the old and new state pensions”.

The petition, signed by more than 13,500 people, claims that “in September 2020 only 6% of state pensioners received the top rate of the new state pension”.

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