ODSP earning exemption increases but it’s not as beneficial as it seems: advocates

CTV News

Some days, Terrie Meehan goes long stretches eating just one meal a day to stretch out her food supply.

The $1,100 a month she receives from the Ontario Disability Support Program just doesn’t stretch that far.

That won’t change for Meehan — or the vast majority of the Ontarians who receive aid under the program — when the Ontario government today starts allowing recipients to earn more money from working before clawing back their benefits.

The change will allow ODSP recipients to earn $1,000 from working, up from $200 previously. For each dollar earned above the $1000 exemption, the person with disability would keep 25 cents.

But like Meehan, 95 per cent of ODSP recipients will see no change to their monthly income as a result. She said many of her friends are in the same boat as her and she isn’t sure how she feels about the government making the change.

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