NDP MPs raise idea of guaranteed livable income with Nanaimo residents

Vancouver Island Free Daily

Nanaimo-Ladysmith’s MP and her colleagues are talking to Canadians about the development of a national framework for a guaranteed livable income.

MP Lisa Marie Barron and the Leah Gazan, the NDP’s critic for families, children and social development, held a press conference and round-table discussion and also scheduled a town hall Thursday, Jan. 18, to discuss the idea of guaranteed livable income with Nanaimo residents.

The two members of Parliament held a round-table with local service providers and also a virtual town-hall meeting to discuss Gazan’s Bill C-223, which proposes a guaranteed income for all Canadians over the age of 17.

“We’re seeing all around us all the symptoms of poverty; people are struggling to make ends meet,” said Barron. “We’re seeing the symptoms of that in so many ways, with the lack of access to truly affordable housing, the increase of people struggling with mental illness, people are not able to access healthy, nutritious foods on their table.”

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