NABIG: Call for proposals for virtual basic income conference

The 19th North American Basic Income Guarantee Congress will be held virtually June 17-19, 2021.

Theme: Basic Income: Knowledge, Activism, Policy

The program committee is now accepting proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, organizing meetings, and artistic events.

Proposals on any topic involving basic income will be considered, but the organizing committee is particularly interested in papers and other events focused on:
● What we have learned from the year of responses to the pandemic and economic crisis
● Ways to move from crisis responses (such as one-time cash payments) to permanent
● Results from basic income and guaranteed income pilot programs in North America and
● Cross-national comparisons, what people in the US (and elsewhere) can learn from what
has been tried in Canada, and vice versa, etc.
● Prospects for activism and advocacy at municipal, provincial/state, and federal levels
● How basic income intersects with the aims and strategies of other social movements
working for racial, social, and environmental justice
● The rise of basic income in the cultural sphere

We are looking to bring together researchers, activists, artists, and policy makers to focus their collective expertise, experiences, and energies, to move the vision of a universal guaranteed basic income forward. Now more than ever, we see the need to connect what we have learned and continue to learn from empirical evidence and other research to those who are on the ground advocating and organizing movements, and those in our countries’ capitols setting policy for years to come.

Together, we call on you to join the effort to take stock and plan our way forward, as we move from crisis response to building the foundational underpinnings of society for the next generation. Come share your knowledge, your know how, your insights, and your passion, as we harness a burgeoning interest and greater commitment to the need for a basic income guarantee.

We invite proposals in the following formats:
● Individual 15 minute presentation with additional Q&A.
● Panel discussion of 3-4 people, 60-90 minutes
● Interactive / Participatory Workshop, 60-90 minutes
● Have a novel suggestion? Let us know!

Proposal Submissions: Please submit your proposal (max. 250 words) using this link.
The deadline is April 19, 2021.

Registration: Please register for the NABIG Congress using this link.

Questions?: Email us at