Islanders urge federal government to fund basic income as cost of living soars


About 40 people gathered in downtown Charlottetown Friday to urge the federal government to fund a basic income for Islanders. 

As they gathered outside the Coles building, demonstrators encouraged passers-by to sign a petition in support of a universal basic income, which has been discussed on P.E.I. for years. 

While the idea has support from all the parties, provincial governments have said they can’t move on a livable income program without funding from Ottawa.

“Obviously the ideal would be to have both groups come together, the federal and provincial governments, to be able to support this. Because that’s going to be able to make it the most successful. But if the feds won’t come on board, then we’ll definitely be pressuring the provincial government,” said Michelle Neill, leader of the P.E.I. NDP and rally organizer. 

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