Guelph Arts Council joins call for guaranteed basic income

Guelph Today

Many artists were struggling financially even before the pandemic put a halt on most in-person performances, exhibits and gallery spaces. The situation has only grown worse as gathering restrictions continue and artists find their opportunities to generate income remain few, if any.

That’s why the Guelph Arts Council (GAC) recently joined a growing chorus of organizations and individuals throughout the country calling on the federal government to establish a guaranteed basic income – not just for artists, for everyone.

“We agree that basic income is essentially a human right,” said GAC executive director Patti Broughton. “When people have their basic needs met and have a certain level of a modest financial security, it can really put people in a better place to improve their lives, to find work, to start new businesses, to resume or continue their art practices. 

“It just gives that little bit of security around day-to-day life.”

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