Canadians support a basic income. Will the Liberals finally deliver?

National Observer

Liberal Party delegates voted to pass not one but two basic income resolutions at their national convention that ran from April 8-10, making basic income the governing party’s second most important policy issue.

For those in support of basic income — ano-strings payment to anyone who needs it — this vote passing could seem like a cause for celebration. But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s worth asking: what, if anything, will the Liberals do to make basic income a reality? For anyone keeping count, the Liberals have so far failed to follow through on their promises of universal pharmacare, ending boil water advisories and electoral reform, to name a few.

Let’s consider the moment we are in. After multiple basic income pilots with positive results and numerous reports arguing its merits, basic income has arguably become a mainstream policy issue. According to a recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute, a majority of Canadians support basic income.

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