Can money buy happiness? Andrew Spira backs universal basic income’s promise for a prosperous Canada

The Portugal News

Proponents argue that UBI could enhance the lives of all Canadians, significantly reducing poverty rates and improving overall well-being. Andrew Spira is at the forefront of the conversation, whose advocacy underscores the multifaceted benefits UBI could deliver.

Empirical Evidence and Global Momentum

Recent discussions in the Canadian Senate about establishing a UBI framework reflect a growing consensus on its potential benefits. UBI programs have gained traction globally, providing a monthly no-strings-attached payment to individuals to cover basic needs. For instance, pilot projects like the one in Dauphin, Manitoba, during the 1970s, dubbed “Mincome,” demonstrated notable social and health improvements among participants.

Spira points to these historical precedents and ongoing experiments as evidence that UBI could address systemic economic issues, including the cycle of poverty many find inescapable. “Implementing UBI could lead to significant reductions in healthcare needs and mental health issues while boosting high school completion rates,” he commented, reflecting on the outcomes of past initiatives.

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