Can a universal basic income help address homelessness?

Homelessness is an increasing problem across the developed world, and existing policy responses are failing to make an impact. In Australia, for instance, homelessness has increased despite growing investment in (predominantly crisis-oriented) specialist homelessness services.

Employment insecurity and the rising cost of living are also taking a toll and expanding the profile of those at risk of homelessness. Anglicare’s Rental Affordability Snapshot 2022 shows that people on low incomes and single parents are especially struggling to meet their housing costs.

In a paper published in the Journal of Sociology, Dr. Andrew Clarke, at the School of Social Sciences at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture, considers whether a universal basic income (UBI) could help address the shortcomings of existing policy responses to homelessness. The paper synthesizes existing research on homelessness in Australia, highlighting the limitations of current policies and how a UBI can help address them.

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