Bonnie Crombie promises to bring back basic Income pilot program in Ontario

Thorold Today

Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Bonnie Crombie’s economic plan includes reviving the previous Liberal government’s basic income pilot program and gender pay gap law.

The Trillium obtained an advanced copy of her plan.

“I often ask people as I’m travelling around the province if they feel better off after five years living under Doug Ford and the Conservatives. From Kenora to Kanata, Timmins to Toronto, the resounding answer is ‘no’,” says Crombie in a press release that accompanies it. “Rather than a comprehensive, evidence-based, long-term plan to bolster our industries and support small business, Doug Ford and the Conservatives rely on piecemeal strategies and federal subsidies.”

“The Conservatives are driving talent, investments and affordability away from this province. Only Doug Ford’s friends are getting richer. It’s time for us to drive this Conservative government away from Queen’s Park.”

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