“Basic Income would allow us to gain a social base that is essential to defeat fascism”.

Catarsi Magazine

We begin, as always, with a brief explanation of what Basic Income is and its defence from a republican perspective: Basic Income is a public, monetary, unconditional and universal allocation. It is the shortest definition of all. The most important thing, what differentiates it from the existing misery in the Kingdom of Spain and here in Catalonia, the Minimum Vital Income and the Guaranteed Income of Citizenship, respectively, are the conditions of access and, of course, that these two are not universal.The Basic Income has two big questions. The first is, is this proposal fair? And the second, if it is fair, how can it be financed?

The first is the great battle, which is why more and more people see it as an attractive proposal from different perspectives, beyond the strictly economic one, such as the feminist one. There are justifications not only from republicanism, but also from theories of liberal justice. Philosophically, academic liberalism is different from political liberalism or the praxis that really exists around this thought. I am a supporter of the justification from republican freedom, which, in short, would be the conception that a person cannot be free if he or she does not have a guaranteed material existence.

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