Basic income is considered a radical idea. But in 2020 we lived it and some people want it back

ABC News

Single mother Juanita McLaren never stops thinking about money, because she doesn’t have it.

“It’s the number one thing that is going on in your head at all times,” she says.

“If someone invites you to a job interview, your first thought is, ‘How am I going to afford to get in there? Do I have access to [the] internet?’

“And it just goes on all day. And when you go to bed at night, you feel crap about yourself because you’re not doing as well as you’re supposed to be.”

But it hasn’t always been this way — and it might not have to be.

Tomorrow a conference called Basic Income after COVID-19 — Social Security, Work and Wealth will discuss the concept of giving a living wage to everyone who needs it.

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