Basic income is an affordable and compassionate response to poverty

Evelyn Forget,

An act to develop a national framework for a guaranteed livable basic income has been introduced to the House of Commons (C-223) by MP Leah Gazan, and in the Senate (S-233) by Senator Kim Pate.

The bill is a response to the years of neglect that have undermined our social safety net to the point where medically assisted death seems preferable to legislated poverty among people with disabilities, where people are without housing shelter in city parks and bus shacks, and food banks are overrun.

Despite years of evidence demonstrating the health and social benefits of basic income, there are critics. Some, like the QAnon-inspired whose emails flooded the inboxes of senators recently, claiming that basic income is a plot by a shadowy global elite intent on transhumanism. Others trot out the more usual criticisms, based on deeply held suspicions rather than evidence.

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