Basic income an idea whose time has come


It was about 8 C outside, windy as all get-out, and the rain was driving hard on my windshield. This was an October day not fit for anyone to be out walking around. As I zipped up Prince Street, I twice passed men walking opposite to the way I was going. Both were carrying one bag of what I assumed were groceries from the food bank a few blocks away.

They looked cold and wet, and my heart broke when I thought about how hungry a person would have to be to go out in that weather. And I wondered if these guys were being given a guaranteed basic income (GBI), would they be at home right now, dry and fed?

I will admit that when I first heard of this idea – GBI — I thought it was a flight of fancy. How in heaven’s name can our country come up with that kind of money? And then the pandemic hit Canada. And our governments came up with astounding amounts of money in such a quick amount of time that I thought they were printing it themselves.

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